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Cucumber seeds KS 90 F1 from Kitano || RON
Gherkin, parthenocarpic.
Early hybrid;
Vegetative-generative plant type, forms lateral shoots;
Strong, balanced plant with short internodes;
Excellent yield potential.
Uniform dark green fruits with big spines;
3-5 fruits of 8-12 cm long are formed in one node;
When growing over keeps marketable quality and shape of fruit;
Dense internal structure with a small seed chamber;
Excellent eating quality, crunchy, juicy fruits;
Abundant fruit setting;
Good for transportation.
Getting of the very first and the most expensive Cucumber at the fresh market;
Fresh market, processing.
Additional Information:
For cultivation in open field and plastic tunnels;
For Spring-Summer and Summer-Autumn season of growing;
Resistance to powdery mildew;
Well withstands stress conditions.
Date de contact
Nume: Igor Tel: 31631521495
Firma: KITANO SEEDS Mobil: +31631521495
Adresa: ,
, 29, Romania
Email: kitanoseedseu@gmail.com
2018-05-16 || Mures Vizualizari: 94
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