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Furaj ddgs din grau || 130 EUR 130 de Еuro pe 1 ton
Ukrainian company LLC «UKRVESTTRADE» offers Bard grain (DDGS) –which is a high-value protein and vitamin-based feed for farm animals and poultry.

The bard of grains, DDGS is used to feed farm animals, poultry as a separate feedstuff and as a protein-vitamin supplement for the production of mixed fodders and to increase the nutritional value of ration of farm animals.
When adding grain bards in ration:
- Fowl and chicken broilers, it was found that the losses are reduced of livestock (keeping 96-97%) is reduced, the number of eggs increases by 35%, and egg quality indexes are improving;
- Cattle, when feeding young cattle, the replacement of 28-30% of the grain part of the dry bard ration increases the average daily increments from 833-830 gg to 985-1025 g, at a decrease in feed costs per unit of output. When introducing dry bards for ration of cows increases the amount of milk received;
- Pig - use of dry bards in the composition of feed in the amount of 10-20% leads to an increase in average daily increase in the mass of young animals from 665 g to 729 g.

Bard grain (DDGS)
Physical and chemical parameters (%)
Humidity not more7,0 %
Protein content no less 28,0 % (listed on a completely dry substance)
Carbohydrate content 16,0 %
Fat content 8,0 %
Fiber content 15,0 %
Calcium content not more 0,3 %
Phosphorus content 0,2 %
Ash content not more5,0 %
Vitamin content Е, В1, В2, В3 В4, В5, В6, В12
Total bacterial content thousand cells in 1 gram, not more 100
Toxicity not allowed

Organoleptic parameters:
Appearance homogeneous loose product.
Color from gray-yellow to grey-brown.
Scent vegetable-grain, without foreign smell (mildew, mustiness).
Size sieve diameter 4 mm, % not more 5.0.

Price on FCA terms: 130,00 Euro / 1 t.

For more information, write to email.
Always willing to help.

Best regards
Date de contact
Nume: Volodymyr Tel: 380961070615
Firma: LLC UKRVESTTRADE Mobil: 380961070615
Adresa: Ternopil region, Chortkiv city,
Ternopil, 1, Ukraine
Email: ukrvesttrade@gmail.com
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